Helped design a branding and website design focused on culture, tradition, and history

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Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing

B-Coalition is a clothing brand that is entirely different from many other fashion houses. They recognized the need for a personalized branding strategy that won’t immediately sell the impression as a fashion house. B-Coalition offers comprehensive collections of historical fashion designs and must sell that message on their website. Therefore, their ideal eCommerce solution should highlight on their USPs in a simple and compelling manner.

The Process

We created a simple and responsive eCommerce website that works on multiple platforms. The first impression any visitor would have is their roots in traditions, history, and culture.  The next impact we sold was their zeal to give back to the local communities. We helped target their ideal buyers using branding strategies that should guide visitors to see their difference immediately.

The Results

B-Coalition’s eCommerce website and social platforms attract consistent traffic, out of which a vast portion converts to paying clients. B-Coalition has also gained an in-flux of paying clients from all over the world.