Helped Keg & Cork, develop a contented theme and brand outlook to reach clients who care about their comfort

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Keg & Cork

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With over 3,000 different beers, growlers fine wine, and spirits, Keg and Cork knew they needed a digital solution that would showcase their brand in utmost simplicity. Having a massive selection of products can be a huge challenge, especially when organizing a website, flyer, or other branding products. However, they recognized the need for that unifying focus to captivate the hearts of people across their customers. They didn’t want to look like a warehouse of goods, but ensure that clients understand the kind of personalized experiences and solutions to both personal and business functions.

The Process

We created a dark and rich theme for their brand, which invokes the feelings of comforts and luxury. We also developed a website that displayed their competitive advantage on the landing page before taking off to product selections, so customers will never feel overwhelmed upon visiting. The new site works across multiple devices, showcasing their unique selling proposition from the get-go. We also implemented custom paid search and social media marketing strategies that would interact with their clients without being too aggressive in advertising.

The Results

Because their central focus is meeting the comfort of their clients, we sold convenience and simplicity across brochures, flyers, and the web. As a result, The Company has gained consistent high paying traffic through these platforms.